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NatZ Drawing is such a great skill. Go for it. Get back to your drawings, that's a great resolution :)

littlehuman I belive it :D

Kamikari Beautiful drawing. I also like drawing very much, but I often haven't got time for that...

littlehuman Thanks. If you like drawing, do it. Your profile description fits good for that :) If we can handle tookapic, it means taking photos everyday, why shouldn't we deal with drawing? ;) I often don't have enough time, but I tried to think of a rule. Maybe one drawing for a week, a small simple sketch for the day or one but more complicated drawing that I will work on for a month. Maybe you would try it too? :)

Kamikari Yes, that's a good idea :) Sometimes at home when I have more time I draw something, but it isn't perfect. I will try to draw regularly :) You're right - it's just like taking photos, but double with drawings ;) It will be a great pleasure. Thank you for inspiration ♥

littlehuman I am too not always happy with the results either. But most importantly, you draw! :) Over time our drawings will be better if we practice. I'm so happy you liked the idea <3 I think that throughout the year I will not have one fixed rule. Rather, in one month I will draw every week, in another less often, next more often. Depends on how much time I have this month. But one condition - do not stop. Good luck @Kamikari! :)

Kamikari Ok, thank you so much! I'll do it and I think this is now my new New Year's resolution :) Good luck to you @littlehuman too!

jokele Hehe... good inspiration! I've seen two concerts of them. Good idea, you placed the colorful pencil to the side.

littlehuman Concerts had to be great. Thank you :)

jokele Oh yessss...that's what they were!

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