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makebate Thank you! This resolution is repeating now for five New-Year-Resolution-Time and was not only there, I definitely have some problems with playing guitar..

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makebate thanks!

well, I don't even know. I think the main problem is as you said - it is a long time. I am loosing patience, when I still can't change the chords qucikly, when I am practising song for a week, and still no one can recognise it (it is usuall at the beginnig, but I want to be able to play too qucikly). and lack of time to practise.

playing the music is always a good resolution, so good luck you! :)

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makebate Thank you! :) I love Christmas time for those lights, they give me some good atmosphere

Paweł Kadysz Had this with programming and playing ukulele.

makebate Ukulele is on my list, just after learning guitar

Katrina Yu That one damn thing for me is learning French. Been doing it for a bit over two years but it's an off-and-on relationship. Well, to all the languages that I want to learn actually. Haha

Goodluck on your resolutions this year!! Hopefully, you'll be creating beautiful music soon!

makebate I know what you mean! Have this also with languages. I was starting French, Russian, Spanish, German and so one, and no language can I speak :P

Thank you! I hope it will last longer than usual! It is my seventh attepmt to guitar

Ron Dadoo beautiful resolution, but me since I take pictures I do not make music anymore :-( courage

makebate That's pity! Music is passionate! But I understand, while focusing on one thing, it is hard to distract, even if You like it. Anyway, don't leave it!

Ron Dadoo yes for me the music is very very important, I will make sure not to lose! :-)

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