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Urszula Stachowicz Hey, there are books. And you. So it can't be weak. :D

makebate Haha, I would hesitate with me, but you are right, where are books, there is no bad photo :D

maggaglen Cała masa książek można się zgubić w zaczytaniu:)

makebate Tak.. A to nawet nie połowa mojej biblioteczki (!) musiałabym mieć dwuletnią przerwę wyłącznie na czytanie ;)

Łukasz Brożek Weak? Oh come on. I like it so much. It's great portrait. :D

makebate Ha, I can see a lot of people actually liked this, but still, I don't know why :p anyway, thanks so much! I am glad that it wasn't a complete disaster :D

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makebate I am so happy then!!!! Well, I am quite surprised, because it is not very good quality, I always have problems with sharpness while doing self-portraits, after this sessions I didn't even know where is the main point of it :P

Katrina Yu What's your goal???? Do you have a Goodreads account? I find tracking your reading goals there very very helpful!!

P.s. just love this shot. It's so surreal.

makebate Oo, I haven't heard about that, must try this. Well, according to my this year matura (high school finishing exam) I can't put my goal straight. Then I have to do it just as frequent as I can. It is hard now, but after May, I will be free and ready for those masses of books :)

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makebate Thank you for your advices! So helpful. I have never tried manual focus setting, must try this. Mobile app is not working with my new phone :c

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