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Katrina Yu What a beautiful flatlay, in all honesty! Like a hippie/free spirit.

May you find what you want. You're still so young, the world still has so many things to offer. <3

makebate I am glad you like it.

Yes, I always thought that my youth is my disadvantage. But now I understand that I have to use my youth to the fullest, where I still have energy, passion, dreams. And till I am still naive and unshaped

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makebate Yes, we have too many opportunities to waste such a pleasant time! Thank you for all your support! <3

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makebate Haha, then it is even double compliment! I am glad you like it!

Etherliana Piękne ,klimatyczne zdjęcie.
Trochę jak kadr z Indiana Jones 😁brakuje tylko bicza😁
Podoba mi się kolor i postanowienie.

makebate Haha, nie pomyślałam o Indianie Jonsie! Faktycznie, klimat pasuje :p

Filip Łannik Świetne zdjęcie!😉

makebate Dzięki wielkie! :)

Daniel Zaleski Wish you good luck with the travel plans! As for the photo: I really the way you arranged all the props, the colours are worm and relaxing, the red tint makes for the exotic feel. I generally do not like the objects touching the edges = therefore I struggle with the part of the scarf on the left and the binocle too close to the edge - but that is just nitpicking as you requested constructive feedback :)

makebate Thank you for your feedback! I know, I didn't have anything more, therefore I am not satifsied with it as well :P anyway, one more thanks for your help!

Daniel Zaleski Well, I think you should be satisfied with yourself :) It is really a good photo. Everything can be done better and therefore no reason to be sad.

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