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Karolina Oksiędzka Haha I like it :D! Just one thing. The model has a hair band on her wrist ;). I tend to forget about this about mine a lot! That’s why I noticed :). And on the finished piece it’s a bit disturbing.

makebate oo crap, I always forget to take it off! Thanks, I will be more prudent :P

Magda Ko This is not as disturbing for me as hand. At school I was told to try show all 5 fingers as well as awoid showing wrist as skin there doesn't look good there. To be honest I am looking into eye which is the strong point at this pic and not at hand. Very eyechating portrait, congrats @makebate

makebate Tank you very much @MagdaKo. Very helpful feedback, thanks! Indeed the wrist is not good-looking. I have to be more detailed with hands ;)

Urszula Stachowicz Nice black! :) And what did you find? ;)

makebate thanks! Big, huge nothing and sentence "please, try again later"

Etherliana Hahaha , świetne 😁
I jak zakończyły się poszukiwania?

makebate ciesze się, że Ci się podoba! :)

oczywiście spełzło na niczym, ale nie kończę moich poszukiwań ;)

Paweł Kadysz Nice! I like the face expression. Was it shot like this or did you black out the background?

makebate I am glad you like it :)

Yes, I blackened the background. But it was very dark itself, it was not much trouble

Edyta Przeswietne! :D

makebate Wow, dzięki! :D

Comment was deleted

makebate Hahah, thaanks! I am so glad you like it :D

Katrina Yu Love the light!!!! I think you did the black and white processing really well on this one

Katrina Yu The hair band on the wrist adds so much story to the messy hair, SO it made sense why it's there for me.

makebate Thanks! Ha, this is nice concept :D

ponzu I really like this one. It has many possible uses. Stock. Facebook profile. Book cover. Instagram hit. Well done on the solid black background.

makebate I am glad you like it! Thanks!

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