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makebate This one looks so proffesional! Star from me! :)

Tomasz W Thanks, Marta!

Tomek Zimnocho of course you should drink less of this. go for some good single malt instead ;)
a little burned in lights, but nice

jazzie I don't care about the burned lights, I love this style of a bit overexposed hi-key pics. the colors and the dark counterpoint of the cap look good to me. I think I would have made the whole composition a bit less symmetric, i.e. leave the bottle where it is and take the glass a wee bit to the right so there is more overlap between the objects and a bit more white space on the left.

Tomasz W Yes, I agree that it's not worth to drink without something what can kill the taste (coke i.e.) :D

Tomasz W I have to admit that I burned top of the picture too much on the postprocessing to remove some unnecessary part of image and it was not the best idea. Now there is striking border between burned part and white with blueish tint. thanks for your comments @jazzie and @Tomek . I really appreciate your feedback :)

Paweł Kadysz Highlights are blown. That's my only issue with this one.

Tomasz W Are burned lights always a mistake? I'm lightening some parts of images to reach hi-key effect, like this "Emotions #3" . But maybe I'm doing it wrong? I assume that not every part of picture is significant so white spots are sometimes okay.
But of course in this particular case it doesn't look good, I agree with you.

Paweł Kadysz Of course it's not always bad and "Emotions #3" is a perfect example. But in a product photography (and I'd say this photo counts as product pic) it's something I'd avoid.

Tomasz W Thanks for advice. Then I have to study product photography more :)

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