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ponzu I always find these clean shots of things compelling. It is something that eludes me: I cannot even conceptualize these shots, the technicality of it, the rig, the lighting, the space, the composition, so I admire those who create them. Sometimes these shots tell a story I can relate to, other times they are simply impressive as an exercise in a technique I have not yet mastered. I find my shots in the wild, I don't create them the way photographers like you do.

This shot I like on the basis of its aesthetics, plus I suspect some stock/commercial potential in it. Lines, angles, squares, and a circle -- seem to line up just right. I do not recognize, nor enjoy, the object that appears to be resting in the hinge of the laptop. Is it a part of headphones? Why is it there?

I also like the editing.

Bartłomiej Jacak Wow, thanks for such expanded comment. At beginning I wanted to take this photo without headphones and now I regret I didn't.

Magda Parkitna Simple, minimalistic pic. Bravo, I like this kind of photo. One thing I change too. The third subject - headphones (I suppose) would be more visible or other place. Three things is better then two in the picture, I think.

Karolina Oksiędzka I like it very much :). One thing is to be changed though. The headphones. Either more visible flat layed somewhere in the frame or removed at all. But this is a detail. The photo is still very good :).

Piotr Saweczko Nice! It's Braun BN0032 clock ?

Bartłomiej Jacak Thanks! It looks like one of Braun watches but it's a watch from Aliexpress — look for the "Geekthink" brand

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