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Working on developing my skills and creativity as a portrait and sports photographer.
#1 354/365
6 streak
Day 354
Before the dance
Day 353
Electric dew
This almost works as a puzzle. What are we looking at here? Type your guess in a comment.
Day 352
After the rain, before dark
Day 351
No diving allowed
Day 350
It has been raining
Day 349
After the rain
It has been raining, a lot. Which is a good thing in the big scheme of things (we live in a perpetual drought). However, our shopping m...
Day 348
I wrote about my experience with this photo shoot on Facebook and got a lot of good feedback. Mainly, I am excited about my overpriced Canon R...
Day 347
Day 346
I have an important shoot tomorrow. I wanted to remember how my lights work. I like this photo, didn’t like that it took 30 takes to get to i...
Day 345
Good afternoon
Afternoon light on my wall. Minor tweaks in Lightroom for impact.
Day 344
Little sister, big sister
I took 1100 photos on the first day of the swim league. It’s not as bad as 6000 photos I took on the first day 2 years ago (...
Day 343
Day 342
Ferris wheel ultra wide
I figured I could not take and post photos of self in my office every day, so I took my camera and tripod out before sunset to...
Day 341
ETTL + PLO2 + color grading
Nothing groundbreaking in terms of light or pose. ETTL firing from the camera up into the ceiling. "Serious" pose leaning...
Day 340
ETTL and dark background
I was planning on going slow, incremental. But I kept watching photography videos and one thing led to another... I was going...
Day 339
ETTL +PLO5 +new glasses
Confession time: I did not learn anything new about my camera or the lights. Well, I learned one thing: if firing into a wall,...
Day 338
Daytime selfie with ETTL flash
Same setup as yesterday, but at midday. Left side of face (camera right) lit up by a window, right side by an ETTL flas...
Day 337
Cool Light self-portrait
I remember now. Taking a selfie every day was not meant to produce a great portrait or a new pose. It was to learn and rememb...
Day 336
So 2021
I was asked to shoot a swim team banquet. The balloons decided to arrange themselves in their own way. I noticed it and took a photo. People r...
Day 335
Tiki Zoom Explosion
I was asked to photograph a 6th grade luau -- basically a fancy pool party. I noticed that I am being asked to photograph a lot of...
Day 334
Ever since I saw a shot like this on display by the professional shooters who show up to some of the meets, I try capturing the same moment...
Day 333
Day 332
Ducks go away!
An attempt to keep a pair of ducks out of my pool. A friend swore it’s a sure thing.
Day 331
Pretty good light
We were out shooting my daughters campaign video