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Working on developing my skills and creativity as a portrait and sports photographer.
#1 301/365
52 streak
Day 301
Wash hair, take selfie
Even though in possession of three decent lights that I am getting progressively proficient with, I wanted to see what the wind...
Day 300
Streak domestic abstract
11th hour desperation
Day 299
Xmas streak photo
Day 298
Xmas streak photo
Day 297
Two light selfie
Naked flash firing into the wall behind and to the right of model at 1/32 power. LCD panel straight on. "A Beautiful Release" filter...
Day 296
Xmas streak shot
Day 295
Mixtiles 6 x 6
I am addicted to the Mixtiles product: the 8x8 prints mounted on foamcore that can be attached to the wall again and again using a self...
Day 294
Fall colors
Always looking for fall colors. I think it’s Sweetgum aka Liquidambar (sometimes spelled Liquid Amber)
Day 293
BTS Sort of Rembrandt light
For @kateli This is how yesterday's photo was shot. There is 1.2 meter to the wall and...
Day 292
Sort of Rembrandt lighting self portrait
At this point, if I was not out and did not see anything worth photographing during the day, I am going to do...
Day 291
Orchard Hills sunset
Day 290
Orchard Hills
Day 289
Put on a good face
Day 288
Streak photo
Day 287
Xmas streak
Day 286
N'ice Chouffe
Happy Thanksgiving!
Day 285
Xmas wonderland
Streak photo
Day 284
After the fire
Day 283
Christmas is just around the corner
Day 282
Happy birthday, big boy
Day 281
My daughter recorded the song "Astonishing" for her audition. Since her hair was done and dress put on, we also took some photos.
Day 280
After the fire
These are not fall colors, we don’t get a lot of those. These tree would be mostly green if not for a fire that singed them three weeks...
Day 279
Time to play
Day 278
After the fire
The pretty orange tree is this way because of the fire. I doubt it’s coming back. Streak photo basically. Just got out of my car to see...