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Working on developing my skills and creativity as a portrait and sports photographer.
#1 282/365
33 streak
Day 282
Happy birthday, big boy
Day 281
My daughter recorded the song "Astonishing" for her audition. Since her hair was done and dress put on, we also took some photos.
Day 280
After the fire
These are not fall colors, we don’t get a lot of those. These tree would be mostly green if not for a fire that singed them three weeks...
Day 279
Time to play
Day 278
After the fire
The pretty orange tree is this way because of the fire. I doubt it’s coming back. Streak photo basically. Just got out of my car to see...
Day 277
Christmas comes early
Streak photo
Day 276
Day 275
In case I don’t get to uploading any of my camera photos of the same tree and some other backlit sycamore leaves. It is the only fall colors...
Day 274
Aliso Creek Trail
Day 273
Day 272
Studio selfie with wrap-around light
Back in the home studio with lights. No need to look for interesting cracks in the pavement or unorthodox light s...
Day 271
Bend, don't break
A local park is home to several curiously deformed trees
Day 270
This could have been an allegory of blue vs red, Democratic vs Republican, even of #theme-reflections, as well as a test of using two LCD mo...
Day 269
Refrigerator selfie
This one sort of got away from me. At least I tried out @pawelkadysz’s suggestion to use the refrigerator as the light source.
Day 268
Jump on the spot right now
As it is my habit to doubt my photos and to “spray and pray”, I immediately wanted to take another version of this photo, b...
Day 267
2020: No more bullshit
I may never know whether the sticker TRUMP 2020 NO MORE BULLSHIT was placed on a poop bag dispenser by a clueless supporter or...
Day 266
Youd don't get to keep America anything
Thanks to USPS for doing their job and coming through for Americans. #theme-letters There was an even better p...
Day 265
Bench 58
DuMor corporation keeping it real in Mifflintown, PA. Their designs and typeface appear timeless and suggest the brand could be 136 years old...
Day 264
TRD Off Road
This was a Toyota truck, either a Tacoma or a 4Runner, in my neighborhood. I remembered in a timely fashion the weekly #theme-letters It'...
Day 263
Reverse lens macro
This is an attempt to explore the tips offered in this video 35mm is the widest lens I...
Day 262
Fasten your seatbelts
It's going to be a bumpy night #theme-letters
Day 261
After the fire
A week ago, vegetation fire broke out in the canyons and, paired with high winds, caused us to evacuate for a day and a half. I wanted...
Day 260
Ghost + on camera flash withe MagSphere diffuser + zoom explosion #theme-halloween
Day 259
The / Team
This is part of my team at work. 2/3 will be gone by March 1 as part of the "Strategic Sourcing" initiative. I am a big believer in taking...