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Working on developing my skills and creativity as a portrait and sports photographer.
#1 333/365
1 streak
Day 333
Day 332
Ducks go away!
An attempt to keep a pair of ducks out of my pool. A friend swore it’s a sure thing.
Day 331
Pretty good light
We were out shooting my daughters campaign video
Day 330
Come unto me anyway
This figure was first drawn for a Bible study advertisement, and it was almost certainly Jesus. Now it’s more of a Hindu guru.
Day 329
Day 328
Another high school meet come and gone. Took too many photos: 940 or thereabouts. As a result, took too long to go through them.
Day 327
Day 326
I have been meaning to take this photo. I will continue working on it when I am less rushed.
Day 325
These ducks are getting too comfortable in my yard. I at least expect ducklings for my troubles.
Day 324
LevitationMode: ON
–This must be the best photo you’ve taken! –I take a lot of photos. –The best sports photo? –I take a lot of sports photos. Well, m...
Day 323
Art around
Leftovers of a cheery chalk drawing on a footpath in the park
Day 322
Happy Easter!
Even though the “proper” Easter is weeks away, the family chose to make Easter bread early and join the festivities. We’ll do it all aga...
Day 321
What's in your trash today?
Saw this plastered to a trash can in the park today.
Day 320
Hey there!
Do dogs wink?
Day 319
What are you in for?
Day 318
Day 317
The process
My wife called my attention to the beautiful metamorphosis taking place in her egg whites as they congeal in the hot skillet.
Day 316
In my dentist’s waiting room. Are these Chinese Lanterns? I didn’t have the time to check if they were real or not.
Day 315
The high school season is on and I have the job as the team photographer. That means I will definitely have something to post. Perhaps not ever...
Day 314
Come unto me
Day 313
Orchard Hills sunset
Wide angle photography secret: you have to have an object up close
Day 312
Day 311
Rattlesnake Reservoir at sunset
The Rattlesnake Reservoir is declared to be a “working reservoir” by the signs posted on the fence encircling it. What...
Day 310
Poppy the puppy
With California poppies