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Overhead pizza

Have to admit, after finding my old +Homemade pizza photo - I can say for sure, I've made some progress. Especially when it comes to post-production. Same place, same lightning, I even checked if our light above the oven works (and made a short circuit, so we had to have a little blackout to turn the power back on).

Does it count to weekly theme, or do I have to put some more things in the frame? 😄

Yesterday I've promised You a story that cheered me up, and today's photo was meant to be a photo of this product, but when Martyna made her magic about a simple, frozen pizza and added broad-beans that weren't used for yesterday's dinner - I couldn't resist, so You'll have to wait for the story a bit longer. 😀

First photo in two weeks, that really didn't require turning on NIK Collection plugin. Can You spot the difference?

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  • vividcolourfabric

    To spot a difference, you'd have to show the same photo with and without Nik plugins. What about a challenge in the future? 😉

  • Magda Parkitna

    Pizza z bobem. Hmmm... brzmi ciekawie, a jak smakuje? Żeby nie było lubię bób, ale jakoś nie starczyło mi wyobraźni, żeby go w takiej kombinacji użyć. Człowiek uczy się czegoś nowego każdego dnia;-))

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