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Gosia Racja! Dzięki :)

Jakub Szymański Ja bym przekroił cytrynę w ten sam sposób. Tylko musiałabyś znaleźć okrągłą ;) Poza tym bardzo ładnie:)

Gosia Haha, no tak, słuszna uwaga :)

Gosia Tak mnie to denerwuje teraz! Należało po prostu przekroić wszystkie owoce tak jak cytrynę!

Jakub Szymański Przepraszam... :) Ale ale, możesz zawsze strzelić jeszcze raz. Ps. to tło to karton?

Gosia Ależ nie, jestem bardzo wdzięczna za ten komentarz! Tło to kartka z bloku rysunkowego :)

Katrina Yu I love oranges most! I can finish a whole box/carte in 4 days. huhuhu it's ridiculous.

Gosia Alert! Orange monster! So much vitamin C though, it's got to be healthy!!!

ponzu I love the colors, obviously. Who wouldn't? I am looking for any story, or any application as a stock photo is a brochure, presentation, blog post, album cover I can come up with. It is not coming easy to me. The lemon is cut differently (through the equator as opposed as on a meridian, so to speak). Is that on purpose? I think I like the photo, I just can't explain why. I think playing with colors, light, geometric shapes and plain compositions is always a good idea. The simplicity and geometry are attractive in their own right, sometimes no additional "meaning" is needed.

Gosia I think the strong contrast is what makes you literally stare at the fruits. I would see this used on a window of a smoothie bar! Although with a splash of water this would look so much better! Lemon is cut differently, unfortunately. I was so occupied with the framing and light I didn't even notice it.

ponzu I wish the grapefruit and the orange were cut like the lemon, not other way around. More interesting that way. But it is also the more common way to cut the citrus, at least for the photos. So... more interesting, but often seen becomes... less interesting? I think the fact that you cut the fruit differently is, in the end, interesting, even if accidental.

Here is what I would dare you to do next time. Cut two oranges (or two grapefruit, or to lemons), each in a different way. Then place the differently cut halves side by side as if they were two halves of the same fruit. It will take viewers a while to figure out what is "wrong" with that picture and I bet they will enjoy being tricked that way.

Comment was deleted

Gosia Thanks <3

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