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Dog Walk

I did some further tests with the Samyang 12mm. This lens is going to be fun. I did this photo with my camera on a tripod and used the 10s self-timer. My dog was a bit angry after some shots 😉 Grrrrrr!!! Why do we run only this few meter again and again??? GRRRRRR!!!

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  • Karolina Oksiędzka

    I like the movement on the photo :). If I'd to change something it'll be the cropping. I'd show more of the tree on the left and top. I also think that vignettein on the right side of the photo is unnecessary. There is also one tiny detail that I love :D! The further tree! In my head it looks like the human is talking to the dog: "I bet you that I can outrun you to that tree over there" and the dog barks back "you wish"

    • jokele

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, @Karolina! I've added the vignette because the sky was so boring today. I will give it a try without the vignette and compare the images. Your story is perfect 😄. I will never win that race against my dog 😅

    • littlehuman

      Ha! Tripod, 10s self-timer and cooperation with the dog? Sounds familiar 😀 I like the composition and movement in the photo too. Maybe she didn't understand why you're just still starting to run, but I know she was happy to be there with you, I can see her smile! 😉 I love your "Dog" gallery very much ❤️

      • jokele

        Yeah, that must sound very familiar to you 😀 Zosia-samosia would have been proud of me 😉 Yes on this photo you can see her smile... but you cannot see her face when I stopped and went back to the camera 😠 brrrrrr Thanks, @littlehuman

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