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vera Congratulations Jayce!!! I admire a lot the photos of desert and India! Fantastic! See you tomorrow ??? I hope so!

maggaglen Super:)

robert_wisniewski Thanks with your fantactic photos, and maybe see you soon ?

Lesley You will be missed. I don’t like this kind of change.🙁

Zenon Drobiński Great respect for all your works! See you soon...

calb Oh no! Already?!

Dorota Szypicyn Congratulation👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Satoshi T I like your adventurous pics. Is this a Goodbye? I am looking forward to seeing you again soon @jayce !

NatZ Well done!! Congratulations! It was so nice to see your pictures. Is it a farewell? Hope not.

v agnès Congratulations for your project. Sorry to read that you stop. Maybe you could change your mind? All the best anyway.

marta_ii Sorry to hear that your adventure is over, I like your photos and your sense of humour☺ I hope you'll change your mind☺ All the best!☺

Danuta It's a pity to finish it, it was nice to see your photos ! .... greetings Jayce ,I wish you all the best !

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