50 shades?

What a long Sunday! We woke up about 6 a.m. with Martyna and I gave Her a lift to a nearby hotel, where She was to be a model for a presentation of Panache lingerine collection fall/winter 2018. After returning home I read a few pages of a book before falling asleep again, then woke up about time to go back to the hotel for the show. Full disclosure: I really focused on photos and new lingerine models (Martyna used to be a brafitter, and I got interested in this subject somewhere in high school, so it was our common interest when we met) instead of just looking at all those women - let's be professional on this! I was really proud of my love - She really did a good job, and was one of a few models that smiled and looked really natural. After the main collection of Panache lingerine was announced and presented, there was another brand - Bluebella - which produces sexy, seductive lingerine - and it's a photo from this part, in which Martyna didn't participate as a model.

Well... I really think most men would have problems with focusing on their cameras, instead they would've been writing down the names of the collection and thinking of buying them as gifts. For example, for Valentines day... or absolutely without occasion, just to express their love.

When the presentation was over, I took Martyna home and went to work for Sunday afternoon - just to find out our friend from Katowice took his friend for a spontaneous trip, so instead of heading home from work we went to the center for a few beers, dumplings and ended the night at our place. I really like guests, and I love spontaneous trips, so it was a good evening for me - and seeing Martyna cry of joy was worth it 😀

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