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Magda Korzewska One of my favourite pictures of you on the cover!!! Hope to hear/see more about it. Good luck with all preparations.

tania Thanks Magda ! I couldn't use another one ! I'm sure you will... Thanks for your wishes... I think I need them actually 😂

Viola Qniej oooo woow! congratulations!

tania Thank a lot to you !

greenlight Awesome! Congratulation ;-)

tania Many thanks !

NatZ Congratulations! 👏👏

tania Thanks thanks !

Marta Fantastic! Congratulations😊

tania Thanks !

myno réjoui de les découvrir sur papier!

tania Merci merci... moi aussi j'avoue !

vera Great! I'm looking forward to come!!!! I'm sure it will be great! And see you on saturday for some music ;) 🎷🎶

tania I'm looking forward to seeing you... saturday I'm happy !

vera Yes! 🎉💫👏🏻💖🎉

emmanuelle Yeahhhhhhh!!!! Bravo!!! Génial! Je serai là! J'ai ma Tageskarte!

tania Très très très bien ! Merciiii !

noun Je me réééééééjouis!

tania Moi aussssssiiiiiiii !

GaaNamiko Great message! That's beautiful, Tania :) Congratulations!

tania Thanks a lot Monika !!!!

Vincent Magnifique ! Bravo ! Si j'en ai la possibilité je viendrai 😃

tania Oh j'espère alors ! Ce serait avec plaisir !

Bruce Congratulations on having your own exhibition .. Well-deserved, as your photography is excellent 😊😊.

tania Thanks a lot Bruce. It's a great opportunity and I'm so thankful for it. It's not my best photographies, but it's the way I understand the 365 project. And I hope will like it.

Bruce I have no doubt that it will encourage others to start their own 365 project, as they will see how one person can grow as a photographer over the course of one year 😊😊

tania I hope so !

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