Never stop shooting!

Always clean your lens. I'm having a lot of fun with the gray backdrop and some continuous lighting.

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  • Kazziz

    If You don't have a lenspen, I'll send You one.

    • Margie

      What is a lenspen? I recently cleaned my lens and UV protective filter with this flimsy paper and some drops. Interested in a better way.

      • Kazziz

        This is a lenspen: It's an awesome tool with a brush and a special gum to clean the lens. Easy to use, and doesn't require washing every few uses like microfibre cloth.

      • Margie

        Thank you so much!!

  • gerlos

    Even better, don't let your lenses get dirty! 😉 I've seen lenses with coatings removed by finicky photographers 😢

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