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Long valentines day, lots of photos to choose from. I've had some fun with a full-frame camera at work, since a customer that bought Canon 6D yesterday, came to exchange it for 6D Mark II 😄 we did some tests with Sigma 85/1.4 Art lens and my memory card inside. Pure fun. After work I went to "Piękny Pies" to shoot some photos of SASKA vodka and enjoy a stand-up by Adam Gajda, then a concert of SMKKPM with Martyna as a gift for valentines - and we went out in really good moods, so instead of heading straight home, we decided to go for a drink to Mercy Brown. And... it was one of those wrong decisions, that happen in everyone's lifes - the place was crowded when we got in, but as we waited for service, more and more people were leaving... and we waited... and waited... Martyna got angry, but finally we ordered our drinks. It became really late though, so instead of enjoying them, we sipped quite fast and went back home to get some proper sleep before tomorrow's work. Well, disappointments happen. I think we just need to go there again to give Mercy a chance for erasing this bad memory and overwriting it with a better one.

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