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I want to ride...

Queen's Bicycle race is the only thing that comes to mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GugsCdLHm-Q Biiiii-cycle! Martynka went to her parents, so we got up quite early, then I went to M1 in the (late) morning, but since there was absolutely no customer movement, after @pgrab and @kasiek's visit, changed my store and moved to GKrk. No customers as well 😞 so I waited there till 9 p.m., then went for a walk, shot this bicycle, ate a delicious burger at Krowarzywa (hey, Martyna's out of town and I need to feed myself with something more than sandwiches ;P)... and after returning home, I downloaded and launched Path of Exile. It's a Diablo-like game, that my friend Kalor is playing since he bought his new laptop about two weeks ago. I've played it a long (really long) time ago, when it was still in beta phase... and it's a really neat game and a great time-consumer. Like, a devourer.

But it was fun, and when it's fun, it means it's worth it!

PS. A noisy photo can be a good photo, right? 😉

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