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Agricultural University. When I was young, we used to live quite nearby, so I always tried to count the colourful dots. It was my first lesson of multiplication, when Dad told me, I can count only one row and then multiply by three factor to know the exact number instead of counting them all. I had a rough time getting up today, another day in a row. We watched last two episodes of "Altered Carbon" last night after returning from Ania&Łukasz/Bajka&Bąbel (and I have really mixed feelings about this whole serie), but we didn't got to sleep too late... and all I could do this morning was going to take a shower and then returning to bed. Just one of those days... but when I finally got to the university, we had Loesje Workshops in English as a part of some climate and fresh-air oriented conference, and it finally cheered me up. Loesje always gives me good vibes 😀 I gave Emilia, main Loesje Poland organiser, a lift to the railway station, then went to Nolio pizza to meet with Longboard Family and eat some delicious prizes Afera won in a facebook competition. After that Martyna went for her pubquiz, and the rest of us grabbed a beer at Mechanoff, a place almost none of us has ever visited before. They had some delicious beer syrups 😀

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