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Piotr Beautiful view!

vera Thank you Piotr!

maggaglen I like it, beautiful castle:)

vera Thank you Maggaglen :)

vera Thank you Filip! 😊

tania Superb !

vera Thanks a lot Tania!😊

Margie Lovely. You are fortunate to have such beautiful things where you live.

vera Yes... I'm very grateful for these beautiful things I can see all around me! I think the mountains are the most mighty! But I'm sure that every part of the world we can find something specific and beautiful! We just have to open our eyes. Thanks a lot for your kind words Margie!😊

craig This is a stunning shot! Does your computer recognise the card if it is put into the computer directly? It may be the card that is at fault.

vera Thanks a lot Craig for your help! Today I went to the store and the man said me that all is ok with my cable, he tried it on his computer and all was all right. Now I tried again on my computer on a another port of connection and it seems to be all right. I hope that all will last next days! 🤔

myno J'adore! Chaque fois que je passe devant de nuit je me dis qu'il mériterait le détour ! Le jeu avec le relief en arrière plan est juste parfait !

vera Merci beaucoup MyNo! Oui c'est un très beau château à visiter! Pas très grand mais charmant ! Il a été rénové il y a quelques années et Il abrite le Musée de La vigne et du vin, et de l'Etiquette de vin!!! Il y a souvent des manifestations durant le week-end, fête médiévale, Art &Creation, Festival Bande Dessinée ... etc... bref, j'ai fait ma pub tourisme 😂👍🏻

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