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Daniel Zaleski Here in our region, we call it PROVOCATION :)

Gogi Golzman hahaha really?!

Daniel Zaleski See my today's photo and you will understand ... "Braking free" (probably not what you thought ... :) )

Gogi Golzman oooo i see i see ... sorry man .. the heat here strikes again and again.. dont forget i live in a desert country

Daniel Zaleski Yes, I know. I love your country (and I really admire your photos). Been there many times, unfortunately on business only. Hope to travel with my wife / family one time.

Satoshi T Great scene!

Gogi Golzman thank you !!!!

Lesley Lovely!

Gogi Golzman she is =]

Comment was deleted

Gogi Golzman thanks bro =]

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