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Kateli Satoshi, which is your favorite camera ? Are the Sony and Canon cameras full frame ?? Do you see a difference with the Olympus micro 4/3's system ?? Have a nice weekend !!

Satoshi T Which is Favolite? It's a difficult question. If the main subject is clear and I want to draw quickly, I use Canon. If I want to do something elaborate, such as tilt the lens, I use SONY. Both Full Frame cameras are used in the studio. When I walking outside or taking selfie I use Olympus. Thank you @Kateli !

Kateli Thanks for your answer. I'm thinking of getting a full frame camera too... Have to save up a bit first though !! ;0)

Satoshi T When you can use multiple systems, you will want to carry all equipments all times, but it does not mean the results of the photos will be better. I try not to think extra things once I decide on purpose and equipment.

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