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Roman Czarny Wow Wow Wow Beautiful photo and beautiful view

jagat Very nice scenery. Looks like the Alps. For me, mountains also are like therapy.

Magda Ko I think you are in area of The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Is it already open? Have you ever done it? I am happy you had a great time.

Satoshi T It is Happo-one. About 16km north from Tateyama-Kurobe. There is no transportation to cross here. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route will be opened after 16th April. Thank you @Magda , I have very good time.

vera Enjoy your therapy! It seems really great! ;)

val Mountain is the best therapy! Enjoy!

Danuta Wonderful three days, huge space, good air, sun and beautiful landscapes of mountain peaks... a beautiful series of mountain photography :).... a wonderful three-day relaxation !

Ian Prince Great to see you in the mountains again Satoshi And that it’s good for you of course 😁

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