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Ewa Kudlaty Why can I add only one star? Outstanding!

Magda Korzewska O dziękuję Ewa, miałam dylemat czy takie mocne zbliżenie ma sens, nie widać, że tłem są góry.

Ewa Kudlaty No właśnie i to jest piękne w tym zdjęciu. Na pierwszy rzut oka plaża nad morzem a po bliższym przyjrzeniu się wyłaniają się góry. Naprawdę piękne!

Magda Korzewska Czyli obiekcje okazały się niepotrzebne :) wyjątkowe miejsce i do tego kilka fotek mi się udało dzieki

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Satoshi T What a different view!

Magda Korzewska Indeed, scennery in Death Valley is very different from Sierra Nevada, more rough, just rocks, sand, salt, very little plant. I must say that very photogenic for me, I was impressed about this place.

Margie Great capture! I thought of you yesterday being there because I think Death Valley is often the hottest place in the US. I was at the Salton Sea in California yesterday under similar conditions. It is also under sea level and desolate. I can’t imagine living around these areas but some people do.

Magda Korzewska So not also in Las Vegas. We are heading to Grand Canion follow by Pages and Moab. Do You think the weather will be similar up there?

Margie You are going to LOVE all three. I hope you will get to Antelope Canyon in Page. Need reservations. In Moab, I wore layers and mittens up in the mountains on a cloudy day. I am not crazy about Vegas- just not my vibe.

Margie Page will be hotter.

Margie Go early if you hike down into Grand Canyon. Take loads of water. Can get hot and dehydrated. Sunscreen. 🤗

Magda Korzewska We have reservation for lower antylope and cruse by lake powell. Definitely we are not intend to go down to grand Canion, we are not fit enough. For Moab one day in park and than drive to Salt Lake City for flight to Los Angeles. A lot of driving in comming days. Are You back home?

Margie Yes back home in Canton Ohio. Have to work tomorrow. Watch for time zone change in AZ. Two National parks near Moab. Canyonlands and Arches. If I had to pick only one it would be Arches. Dead Horse STATE Park is small and has an awesome viewpoint. In my Tookapic shots.

Margie Also had great shots of Salt Lake from Antelope Island. Beware of massive amount of biting bugs though. Also in my pics.

Magda Korzewska Thank You so much for tips. Definitely we want to explore Arches. We just arrived in Grand Canion. Tomorrow we are going to explore. So cold at the comment, good we need to refresh yourself after hard days in DV and LV. Cant wait tomorrow. Cheers

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