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Michał Interesing, just had a closer look and I'm about to buy it, but not sure when I'll read it. Man, how is that possible you find time for all that: business, tookapic, working in backyard, family, photography, reading and all the rest? There's only 24 hours per day!

Paweł Kadysz That’s actually a third book I read this week :P

I’m trying to get the most of every day. Getting up at 5:30am. Going to bed before 10pm (I’m not productive at that time anyway). Tracking my time. Trying to improve. Learning a lot about prioritisation (that helps a lot).

I don’t work 8h a day. But when I do work, it’s work, not social media, email, nor other distraction. I try to focus as much as possible.

It’s fun and very satysfying to actually get shit done on time.

Michał So self discipline... And I thought you possessed some time-bending skills ;) But jokes aside, I know you can do more if you have to do more. It just does not work for me in a long run. I need to work on that as I'm expecting some challenges in upcoming months.

5:30AM? Really, no excuses? Weekends as well?

Paweł Kadysz I do bend the rules sometimes. Like right now, I need to stay late to schedule new weekly theme for tookapic (because I was procrastinating it the whole day).

5:30 AM most of the week. If I do a lot of physical work I need to sleep in the next day. But I can't remember the last time I woke up later than 6:30 AM (that's sleeping in for me).

What works for me:
1. Planning ahead.
2. Prioritisation.
3. Focus.

Self discipline is good, but sometimes it's good to just cut any distractions off. I use blocking software to disable access to all social media, news and blogs sites from early morning until 6PM.

Michał My problem with planning is that there's too many external factors, most of them out of my control, which break the plan relatively quickly. Or maybe it's only my justification. Anyway, thanks for non-photographic inspiration!

vera Nice to see how you manage your life! That's so difficult to make priorities... and we should learn it for our children too! I think you are a good father, because a good example ! Keep on! ;)

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