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Roman Czarny Excellent

Satoshi T Awesome work Lauren. It is surprising that artificial light which is 45km away is so intense.

Lauren Huston The city itself is around 45km away but you'd have suburbia in there as well. Including my house! :) Sometimes I wish we'd have a citywide power outage though!

Satoshi T Oh, great ambition. There is a custom in Japan to turn off lights to see stars, but it is only March 24,

Marcin K. Your bio should say: the Queen of the Sky. Great shot!

Lauren Huston Haha thank you. :) I love the stars and am trying to take advantage of the clear skies while I can!

barud Awesome shot, remarkable pic :)

Lauren Huston Thank you.:)

karoltadeusz It is magical.

IzabelaK Super :-)