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Weronika Have a nice trip😀

Bruce Thanks Weronika! Fortunately it was a relatively short flight - 1.5 hrs :-).

Weronika Ok. My last flight lasted 5.5 hours.

Bruce I should correct that... the actual flight lasted 1.5 hrs but it was an international flight, so I had to be at the airport 2 hrs early so it still took a long time :-)

Weronika As I add the airport will actually be and for me more than 2 hours. 😀

Bruce I forgot to add that it can take 1.5-2 hrs to get to the airport :-). But I think you win :-)

Weronika I think so this time 😀

craig Wow a lot of fires around just now.

Bruce There will likely be more this week since it's supposed to get very hot out again.

eventide Forest fires are a great disaster... :( Lately in Europe there were many, in Sweden and Greece...

Bruce Most of the ones I heard about were caused by lighting strikes, but I've heard one of the California fires was caused by an improperly installed electric livestock fence.

Karolina Mach Cool view!!! 🙂

Bruce Thanks Karolina! I have another one from the same window of Mount Rainier (a large volcano here), but we can only post one photo.

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