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eventide What? Why nobody told me, that Harrison Ford loves me? :( 😂

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eventide It can be done, as it's possible to buy a hairband with that rolls on proper places :P

Krzysztof Maciejewski It must be a pink unicorn painted in fifty shades of gray ;-)

eventide No, unfortunately it's not a unicorn, only Han Solo frozen in carbonite :D

Krzysztof Maciejewski Now I see... If Jabba were really bad guy, he would transform Han Solo in an unicorn instead putting him in carbonite...:-)

eventide I'm not sure, if Chewie in that situation would be able to stop himself from eating Han, since we could all see in "The last Jedi" as he was eating sweet creatures like porgs, and unicorns might be sweeter (and bigger!) than this cuties... :D

Bruce First of all, congrats on reaching 400 Ev! Well done! Cool photo today, btw. I'm not sure what's on the mat but it looks reptilian :-).

eventide Thank you so much, Bruce! Reptilian or Han Solo in carbonite, not a big difference :D

Bruce Wow I sure got that one wrong, but Han Solo does look reptilian :-)

eventide Ha, I never thought about that, but you may be right :D A new conspiracy theory! :D

Jan Buchta I hope It's not a bunny...

eventide No, don't worry, Ignacy is not the often guest on my desk :D This mat shows Han Solo in carbonite :D

Jan Buchta Damn, You reminded me that I wasn't in the cinema on Han Solo :/ :)

eventide I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention at all :(

Jan Buchta No worries 😉 Now I'll be remember to watch it later.

Krasnal Wielki Jak zawsze mega kreatywne zdjęcie.

eventide Dziękuję, było trochę inspirowane "Incepcją" :)

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