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Franz Maurer I like this church, every one in Poland should look like this:)

eventide Not every, it would be a big loss if no church stayed whole :(

Franz Maurer Well... I'm not sure, let's find out:)

eventide Okay, so let's divide roles - you'll break them all down, and I'll take the photos ;P

Krzysztof Maciejewski Been there. Sea is Satan incarnated. 😉

eventide Power of nature is nearly always against achievements of people, is that correct? :P

Krzysztof Maciejewski Mother Nature is a bitch - as someone said.

eventide Sometimes she has to be like that...

Bruce Interesting ruins and story behind them. Cool capture :-)

eventide Thank you, Bruce! Because of the processes of abrasion only one part of the church stayed at the cliff. There were taken many tries of "rescuing" as much as possible. For now the ruins are probably safe from influence of the sea, but it's nothing so sure - it may happen someday, that the only saved part will collapse too. That's why I wanted to see it, before it'll be too late.

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