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Bruce R talks a lot with her hands :-) Great capture :-)

Viola Qniej hahaha she has Italian temper after mom, that's right! here, however, she is playing with my bag - she always puts the straps on the neck (she did it already in my belly when she made a knot on the umbilical cord)

Bruce Haha... sounds like you have your hands full, but somehow I already knew that 😊😊

Viola Qniej seriously? hahahaha

Bruce Let's just say been there, done that :-) x2 :-)

Viola Qniej so... u know! ;)

Bruce Yes, daughters are the best, but I am pretty biased :-)

Viola Qniej awwwwwww! you're super lucky, Bruce! and great description under O&M picture...

Viola Qniej ha - now I know everything! ;)

Bruce Enjoy every minute with R, V! But from what I can tell, you already are :-). Even during tantrums :-) haha.

Viola Qniej yeah, I really do it! now R. is entering a period of rebellion, her favorite word is "no" ;) it will be hard, I feel it xD

Bruce The battle of two strong wills... :-) :-). It will be hard, but you will survive :-). If I can survive it, anyone can haha.

Viola Qniej ekhm... we will see... I have weak nerves :)

Bruce I look forward to your R. stories :-).

Monika_msos You have a beautiful view ☺

Viola Qniej yes! and very funny :)

Jan Pinkosz Ale masz piękny widok Viola! :) Czasem mam i ja... z tą różnicą, że Hania wyciąga w górę obie łapki. :D

Viola Qniej o, fajnie! spacery są super :)

Margie I love that little arm out there.

Viola Qniej thnx! ☺

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