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Viola Qniej good luck!

leopoldkot Thanks! I found this community by pure chance just yesterday and was inspired by seeing so many people keep going after multiple completed 365s. I'll try to keep up :) The bar is high though, so many talented people here! But it will be a competition with my laziness anyway :)

Viola Qniej exactly - you compare yourself with yourself from yesterday, remember!

Marcin K. As a substitution to Lightroom, you can always try online editing tool, such as Polarr Online Photo Editor, or mobile apps like Snapseed from Google.

Good luck with the project!!

leopoldkot Thanks! Will check them out. This time Ianahed to use standard macOS photos app which is quite powerful already. And I mostly need white balance and crop.

Dana Lightman Wow. If this is your "good enough" photo of the day, I can't wait to see what else you post. I think this is a gorgeous shot. It draws me in, the lines of the bench, floor and railing all work, and great blurring of the background. Welcome to the community. I'm only one month in, and really enjoying the project.

leopoldkot Hi Dana, thanks for the warm welcome! My inner photo critique is not calibrated yet, so maybe it was my best shot this year :) I was just thinking that it was the most obvious and simple position to look at that beautiful bench, I didn’t think about lines too much. Actually, I though - ok, now the center of the bench doesn’t follow notorious rule of thirds :)

vera Welcome to Tookapic! Great photo! Have a lot of fun with your project!

Margie Welcom to Tookapic! Great beginning!

leopoldkot Thanks!

wkaleniecki Welcome in tookapic:) Have fun! :)

leopoldkot Thanks!

Deadia Powodzenia :).

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