Bruce What a nice encounter, and still a great shot :-)

Viola Qniej yeah, it was amazing experience! I thought at first that the ground had fallen on the path below us, but soon I saw this herd and it took my breath away. I've never seen such a large herd before, so close :) I felt today that I must be there despite the bad weather and now I know what called me...

Bruce They must have sensed that Gaia was nearby :-)

Viola Qniej hahah very likely. I took it as a gift from nature, just like that! like help in difficult days, or confirmation of my path.

Bruce It's the universe telling you that everything will be okay :-)

Viola Qniej Oh yes. As I have already mentioned, since I am a mother, I feel this connection with nature even more. and this is great.

Dorka Piękne spotkanie, warto czasem w błocie połazić ;-)

Viola Qniej no, na tej wysokości śniegu było niewiele, błota aż za wiele. zobaczymy za tydzień, u nas w nocy spadło tyle, że sanek szukam :)

Dorka u nas też obrodziło w biel, aż miło :-) i mróz zaczyna szaleć, ja szukam łyżew na rano :-D

Viola Qniej fajowo!

Kamcza Villmark Nice! Great mood :)

Viola Qniej thank you!

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