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Paweł Kadysz Maybe it’s a curse of 1600!

Satoshi T Love your tulips!

Magda Ko maybe you should change orientation or post processing? It will bring some new idea and eger of photograpny?

agnieszka bladzik i'm trying to close 1 year with only vertical orientation, but maybe will break that streak; it's bad as I don't even like to take my camera out for walk, I like to work with food and people, but not always have the opportunity. Yet lost confidence on sneaking on people on the streets and windows.

Magda Ko I am impressed how it is possible to keep one orientation for such a long time. @Tomasz changing orientation every year, I remember squares, portraits, landscape, now 16:9. I think in somehow this is easier as you are stick to some idea but on the other hand might be boring. I also have ups and downs, and to overcome it, I try new things and it helps me to keep eager and enthusiasm in taking photo. Hope the spring will help you to go out with camera and look for new frames and ideas.

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