Bruce Superb composition... I like how the viewer is drawn to the right, to discover the people walking their dog 👌👌😍😍

Viola Qniej me too :) this view calms me down

Bruce As does that music... I could listen to it all day :-)

Viola Qniej uhm, I love hang drums ☺

Bruce They look as cool as they sound; some day I'd like to buy one just to hang it on my wall, And occasionally, attempt to play it :-).

Viola Qniej 😂😂 I have tank drum and love it! it's much more cheaper and sounds similar, check it!

Bruce Wow, much cheaper!! Now for sure I have to try one :-)

Viola Qniej 😂😂 drinking rooibos and play!

Bruce You're just full of great ideas :-)

Viola Qniej always 😂😂

Bruce :-)

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