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Jan Pinkosz Super!... A gdzie Ty taką perełkę wypatrzyłaś? 🙂

Viola Qniej Mikulele City, a gdzie by indziej? :)

Jan Pinkosz No ja... nikaj indziej takich cudów nie uświadczysz. 😉

Viola Qniej no ba!

Margie Fabulous atmosphere and subject. *

Viola Qniej thank you, Margie! ☺

Bruce Portal to another dimension 😊

Viola Qniej imagine that this is one of the entrance to the old town hall and since I remember there is a medical clinic here, where I went when I was little, and now I go with R. - so really enter to another dimension!

Bruce You are now entering the Twilight Zone :-) I hope the visits are less traumatic :-)

Viola Qniej hahah we will see... :)

Satoshi T Love this mood!

Viola Qniej glad you like it!

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