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Jan Pinkosz Trening przed wypadem w górki? 🙂

Viola Qniej górki przed górami, znów bawisz się w jasnowidza? 😂 wychodzi Ci to!

Jan Pinkosz Gdzież bym śmiał Viola?!... to tak samo się robi. 😉❤️

Viola Qniej intuicyjnie ☺ pozazdroscilam Wam tych widoków! i krokusow ☺

Bruce I wonder who was more tired at the end 😊😊. That backpack looks similar to the one I carried O. around in 😊

Viola Qniej don't even ask me 😂 but I have to practice ☺

Bruce Yeah but great job getting out there 😊. Making good memories and teaching R about the value of the outdoors 😊

Viola Qniej she's outdoor girl every time when the wheater is good enough ☺ and loves birds singing!

Bruce Very cool... soon she'll be identifying them :-) :-)

Viola Qniej she's already doing it, look: glosy-ptakow.pl/alfabetyczny/?...

Bruce That is awesome! :-). Check it out ... nationalgeographic.com/magazin...

Too bad they don't have a similar map for Europe.

Viola Qniej omg! amazing job! thank you!

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