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jazzie 5 minutes ago I read an article in an online newspaper about yesterday‘s gay demonstration in Warsaw and wondered why my tookafriends from Warsaw didn‘t post any pics of it.
I can imagine that it probably takes quite a bit of courage to campaign for equal rights for homosexual people in a country with a national conservative government, so hats off to everybody who raised his/her voice!
Thank you for sharing this picture!

robert_wisniewski The atmosphere was full of positive energy and joy, I invite you to see the rest of the photos on the blog :

jazzie I already had a look on them, thanks :-)

torero This is my first and probably last non-photographic comment on TP, but...

I dare to disagree. Regardless of my personal opinions in the matter, I think media in Poland are creating sort of alternative reality. From both sides, to be strict. Leftist (or rather:liberal) movements have full support of non-gov't media.

tl;dr - against all media news, no courage is required to take part in events like this one. Greetings form conservative Cracow, governed by ex-communist ;)

jazzie What I wanted to say was just that I like that Robert posted this pic. Would have expected to see more rainbow-pics on Tookapic today :-)

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