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Margie This gives me such a serene feeling. Very lovely light.

My Confetti Moon So happy you feel the zen! Thx @margiewb

Hanna Gawrychowska wow wow wow
beautiful pic and especially light

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much!! @hanna G.

Comment was deleted

bvphotosnap This image invokes the viewer with tranquility! Fantastic!

My Confetti Moon Much appreciated & so happy to share my zen :)) Thanks @bvphotosnap

Kevin Drum Love it.

My Confetti Moon Thank you @kevin Drum :))

Bayron Mejia Youngish that right this weather is crazy lately warn, cold but love it

My Confetti Moon Yes it has been a great winter - no complaints :))

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much @christopher Neal!

Roman Czarny Golden horizon and a golden shot
Amazing and beautiful photo

My Confetti Moon Much appreciated @Roman Czarny