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Dhigali Maldives

9 photos
Day 2,952
Dhigali day 9
Going to be hard to leave
Day 2,951
Dhigali day 8
Great dive and found a family of sharks 20 meters down
Day 2,950
Dhigali day 7
Good to be doing laps every day
Day 2,949
Dhigali day 6
Another gorgeous day
Day 2,948
Dhigali day 5
Another beautiful day
Day 2,947
Dhigali day 4
First ever drift dive! What an experience!
Day 2,946
Dhigali day 3
As amazing as it looks
Day 2,945
Dhigali day 2
Good to be diving again. So many fish!!!
Day 2,944
Dhigali day 1
I’ve always wanted to visit the Maldives … and here I am 😎