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St Kilda Pier

16 photos
Day 242
So yesterday was my appointment with the oral surgeon which ended in tears - mostly from my bank account. I had taken the whole day off work so...
Day 1,662
Day 239
St Kilda Pier
Long exposure shot overlooking the pier on very cold and windy night. #saturday #evening #landscape #city #urban #sky #architecture #bui...
Day 1,577
St Kilda Pier
A very calm day on the water, with Melbourne CBD in the distance.
Day 44
St Kilda Pier
So, after my hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that I am indeed alive (if anyone noticed I was gone). This shot was taken tonight from St...
Day 1,395
The Boats
This was as good a sunset as we got - I bet the people in the west got a nice one, though.
Day 1,762
Another random day off. It was solid cloud all day, and about an hour before sunset I saw the smallest gap on the horizon. Walked down to St Kilda and...
Day 1,766
That last minute dash to the waterfront when you see the gap in the clouds on the horizon.... For the first time all week, finally worth it.
Day 1,731
A beautiful pink and orange sunset, but it was off to the left side. You can see the reflection of the red in the buildings in the city.
Day 1,780
St Kilda Pier
On a stormy day
Day 1,675
A very confused weather day. It'd be blue sky and no clouds, and 5 minutes later pouring down. It was so windy at St Kilda - I've never seen th...
Day 1,717
St Kilda Sunset
I thought there was a potential for the clouds to light up pink after the sun crossed the horizon, but I guess there was too many clou...
Day 1,728
City From Afar
I walked to St Kilda and the water was very still and glassy. There was a lot of smoke haze around, not sure what it was from. Two shot...
Day 1,764
A lunch walk down to the beach.
Day 1,659
St Kilda Foreshore
Day 1,605
St Kilda Beach