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158 photos
Day 1,361
First Day of Winter
Cold, wet, and bleak.
Day 1,368
Close up
Day 1,402
After the rain
Day 4: It was brief heavy showers throughout the day, I went outside to put the rubbish out and found this was the scene outside.
Day 1,523
I'm trying to sleep!
She's cranky with me. :(
Day 1,613
She is watching..... and judging...
Day 1,376
Colours of the rainbow
It was a dark, gloomy day for most of the day, with showers occurring frequently. Just before sunset, the trees outside glowed...
Day 1,458
He was a bit cranky at me because he was trying to sleep and I was taking his photo.
Day 1,439
Day 1,487
Playing with the new Sigma 100-400 lens. Turns out I was too close to the city to really be able to play with the zoom. There was a fairly nasty storm...
Day 1,514
Full moon
Day 1,646
Day 1,579
"Will you stop taking photos of me??"
Day 1,396
Well, we're going back into lockdown. for 6 weeks. So expect lots of random/streak/cat photos for the next month and a half.
Day 1,493
I was tired and not really wanting to go out, but knew it was a good chance of some nice colours in the sky, so here we are at the local sports...
Day 1,593
Westgate Bridge
This is the park about 2km from my house - I haven't been out here for months.
Day 1,441
Day 1,578
Welcome to my box
BonnieCat enjoying a box from a new delivery.
Day 1,581
Bonnie has such pretty eyes.
Day 1,616
A stupid day where I didn't really get a chance to do anything. Bonnie was snuggled up on my lap and I was giving her chin scratches, hence the strang...
Day 1,384
First drone flight!
Well, first one since I came down to Melbourne. A very nervous flight from my backyard. I wasn't sure if the GPS was going to main...
Day 1,393
Had to go buy cat food and saw this puddle in the car park.
Day 1,459
Day 1,565
#nofilters #itsartokay
Day 1,606