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10 photos
Day 460
You start to realize you have developed a severe photo obsession when your post of the day has been created by 5.30am... #morning #october #...
Day 404
Himalayas sunrise
I woke up my girlfriend at 6:30 am. She got upset as she hates early mornings. Grabbed her hand and took her to the roof of our airb...
Day 412
We are taking our time and enjoying beautiful Pokhara. Today we jumped into the boat and paddle away. #morning #outdoors #nature #friday #lake...
Day 414
This was second time I spend Christmas Eve away from home. Monika's first one. We were missing family of course but due to the fact we wer...
Day 403
Dead route
Today we spent whole day in the bus. Although it was just 200 kilometers from Kathmandu to Pokhara it took 8 hours to make it. Road conditi...
Day 411
We are back in town. Trekking was great but good to be back in warm, comfy bed. Christmas is comming, unfortunately we cannot feel any charmin...
Day 849
Renting a boat was also a good idea. It was like 1000RS for the whole day - it's like 8 EUR for 4 persons. We used it for like 3 hours which was...
Day 848
Paragliding over Pokhara was one of the best holidays ideas I've ever had ^_^ Unfortunately high mountains weren't visible, but it was awesome e...
Day 847
I like Buddhism attitude to prayers - you just hang prayer flags and wind makes your job :)
Day 850
We've starter second trek - to Annapurna Base Camp. And this photo pictures more less everything that I can say about that day. Stone steps. A l...