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105 photos
Day 1,085
When you see it...
Getting home after any abroad trip always means a lot of catching up. So I did not have much time today for a proper pic. Had to dr...
Day 1,199
Mighty Kia
Another day of heavy snowfall. I was driving throught the forest and couldn't resist taking a pic of the bright red Kia against the white a...
Day 1,009
Fire on the sky
On Friday the sunset was just amazing. I took the few photos of really great view but this one is special. This is the fiew of the eas...
Day 614
Wild west
I was driving through the forest. And the dust was looking so good in the light of setting sun. Decided to stop and take a pic. Fortunately...
Day 1,645
Morning Commute
On my way to work. Beautiful #weather. Great #light. The only thing we're missing now is the 10+ °C temperature. #theme-early-bird #fo...
Day 1,012
Two colors
My last day of taking care of pigeons of my "future" father in law. My girlfriend's parents are coming back tommorow. Six days is enough fo...
Day 1,815
Went for the 6am #walk again today and the weather was spectacular. Just before the #sunrise, the #fog was so dense. Took some really cool shots...
Day 1,539
Morning walk
The #weather was absolutely #perfect today so we took a #walk in the #forest. Shot many awesome photos, but I think this is the one I wan...
Day 1,311
I wanted shot a typical scene with dandelion and sunset :) Close enough. #outdoors #trees #nature #saturday #green #evening #landscape #light #...
Day 1,898
On the road. Doing errands. But couldn't miss today's fog. I don't remember the last time I saw a fog this thick. Stopped for a quick photo. I w...
Day 1,832
Another day, another #walk with Fibi. Had a few moments with incredible #light, including this one. #theme-fall #fibi #woods #forest
Day 1,405
No perseids
I was late. This time I didn't catch any falling star on the night sky. I missed the night of the biggest show. I only saw few perseids bu...
Day 1,821
Afternoon walk
45 minute #walk. New path found. Did some #exploring. #theme-doggos
Day 1,008
Flight at sunset
My girlfriend's parents went away for short holidays. I'm the only one person who can take care of pigeons of my future father in law...
Day 1,341
After work
Driving from office to spend another night at the village. Love it. Now I'm can feel closeness to nature. Also I'm feeling no streak photos...
Day 2,216
First walk
Our first proper walk together. 2 weeks apart from this pic: and she's now twice the size.
Day 1,396
Another our visit on the village. This time I feel much better but still I can't eat. I can only drink water and even this is painful. When I c...
Day 1,185
First sunset
I'm cured now. Finally I can go out first time in this year. Also first time in this year I captured almost successful sunset. It was goo...
Day 1,354
Light of hope
Same view as before the first match. I took this pic before our second match with Colombia. I uploaded it after match and I have no hope...
Day 1,132
First fire
We finally have a fireplace in our house (still under construction). Now we have a small feeling of our second place to live. Today was a f...
Day 1,523
Sunday Walk
We had 90 minutes of clear sky today. Good reason to spend some time outdoors. This is my favorite pic from today. #morning #sunday #fibi...
Day 1,841
When the vet said Fibi needs to go on more walks I was like "meh, an hour a day wasted." Now I'm like "Hell yeah, let's go for a walk and shoot...
Day 2,215
Went for as long walk with my younger son. And it was a good walk.
Day 1,297
Last glow
If I had a lens with big focal length I would capture those flying grus on the beautiful background. Shame.. Like always I had only my 24-10...