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My 3rd year here...for more pictures you can go to my instagram - rafalniziolek71 or photographic fanpage on the FB - Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek
#3 199/365
14 streak
Day 905
Streak - Cold Coke
Day 904
New trip planning
When rest of my family goes on vacation there is a time to plan new trip...next destination is huge!
Day 903
Day 902
Time for cleaning the car
Day 901
Feeding - Choking hazard
A chick of the little tern (Sterna albifons) is eating quite big fishmeal given by the male Environmental monitoring in the L...
Day 900
The nest under the canopy of the leaves
The little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius) is sitting in the nest located on the small island under the cano...
Day 899
A pair of the little terns (Sterna albifons) during feeding procedure. On the left there is a female sitting with the newborn chics and a male...
Day 898
Beaver at dawn
While in the morning birdwatching in the floating hide I saw a beaver slipping from the shore into the water, swam around me at a dista...
Day 897
I believe I can fly
Young chick of the little stern (Sterna albifons) training its wings before it will start to fly in a couple of days Environmental...
Day 896
Flying dragonfly
Starting my next photographic trip...many pictures to see, many pictures to delete, many pictures to process...
Day 895
WrocLove - Dwarf photographer
Conference time in Wroclaw...evening walk around The Old Town
Day 894
Right or left corridor?
Day 893
Forest mouse
Day 892
Young traveler
Time to go back
Day 891
Night thunderstorm over St. Gothard Church in Slany
Severe thunderstorm in the night
Day 890
Pravcicka Brama, Ceske Svycarsko
Panoramic view from a viewing point in the best known place in National Park Ceske Svycarsko called Pravcicka Brama,...
Day 889
Knedle, gulasz, piwo - Czech cuisine
Evening with my Czech friends!
Day 888
Mother of Dragons
Day 887
Starting visit in Prague
Day 886
Summer rain
Day 885
Semi automatic water supply
Day 884
Colorful straws - hopefully banned soon
Day 883
Day 882
The need for speed
My son's ride on the go-cart on PGE Narodowy