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My 3rd year here...for more pictures you can go to my instagram - rafalniziolek71 or photographic fanpage on the FB - Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek
#3 316/365
3 streak
Day 1,045
Wizje Natury - Nature Photography Festival
Well spent day! Together withy son we went to the Annual festival of nature photography. We had a chance to...
Day 1,044
Autumn, autumn around
Day 1,043
The pedestrian path
Day 1,042
The lost fight
After about twenty visits at the dentist, after few unsuccessful treatment, days of mild, moderate and sometimes severe pain connected...
Day 1,041
Passionate at work
My photographic mentor Piotr Chara was guest in school of my son. This time Piotr was talking about wetlands and its role in nature
Day 1,040
Day 1,039
What I like best is to swim in "our" lake
Swimming with my wife in our masurian lake during long weekend. Water temperature about 8 degrees
Day 1,038
Day 1,037
Foggy night
Day 1,036
Hymn in Tour
Magical evening with music and voice of english sopranist and singer (former wife of Andrew Lloyd Weber) Sarah Brightman. Fantastic show...
Day 1,035
drive to the forest
Day 1,034
Light Book
Day 1,033
Black cat
My mother’s cat
Day 1,032
Icebathing season started
Water temperature 9 degrees, time of swimming 10 start of new season
Day 1,031
We do...we don’t
We do not divide, we do not argue, we do not fight ... let us cooperate for the good of our homeland The graveyard of Marshal Edward...
Day 1,030
Dia de los Muertos
My daughter preparing for school and spanish Day of the Dead #theme-halloween-colors
Day 1,029
Time to pack my stuff and go back home
Dwarf from Wrocław in the front of Novotel
Day 1,028
Another city - another conference
This time Wrocław
Day 1,027
Conference food
Today I am a speaker in cardiological conference in Katowice...evening food...finger food...typical for such situations
Day 1,026
40 minutes
That is the result of my wife in First Polish Icebathing Championship
Day 1,025
Icebathing Guiness Record
Five men, 12 hours, every man is sitting 12 minutes every hour in the water with the temperature of 3 degrees of Celsius...m...
Day 1,024
Be like a dragon from Neverending Story
Day 1,023
Day 1,022
Warsaw in the myst