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My 3rd year here...for more pictures you can go to my instagram - rafalniziolek71 or photographic fanpage on the FB - Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek
#3 223/365
2 streak
Day 749
Beaks, beaks, beaks
Day 751
Hypnotising eyesight
Day 733
Day 800
Photographer's Dream
Day 750
Landing on the water
Day 815
Above the Polar Circle
First day of my trip to Lofoten Islands, Norway
Day 855
This fish is mine! Two common terns
Samiec i samica rybitwy rzecznej (Sterna hirundo) podczas walki o rybę
Day 736
#first_attempt Water temperature 1,7 degrees, air temperature minus 5... I did it! Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide,...
Day 915
Helicopter at the golden hour
Maria Muś is the youngest polish helicopter pilot (24years old) and also helicopter instructor. She is flying on Bolkow...
Day 757
The whole my family in the hole
Day 761
Day of breaking barriers
Today there was a day with family records - my son 4 minutes (last time 3 minutes), my daughter - 8 minutes (last time 5 minu...
Day 797
Swans on the Biebrza pool
The whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus) - łabędź niemy
Day 817
Day Two - Uttakleiv Beach
Uttakleiv Beach is perhaps Norway’s most photographed beach. Depending on the season, Uttakleiv attracts explorers seeking o...
Day 842
Crane gathering
Day 869
SY "Dar Pomorza" as The Flying Dutchman
Picture taken early morning when the myst covered Gdynia SY "Dar Pomorza" (Gift of Pomerania), called the Whit...
Day 898
Beaver at dawn
While in the morning birdwatching in the floating hide I saw a beaver slipping from the shore into the water, swam around me at a dista...
Day 938
Me, my model and my airbrush
Time for relax. Model painting and weathering. At last i have found a time to start painting the model i have glued few m...
Day 777
One of our last ice bath...spring is coming
Day 803
Even small hamster deserves little rest after surgery
Day 818
Day Three - Fredvang Bridge
After over an hour of climbing in the snowstorm and strong wind, we had to capitulate to the forces of nature. We were not...
Day 885
Semi automatic water supply
Day 953
Starting sequence ...Day minus 2. - food supply
Lyofilized fiod for our family trip came...time to separate for every family member
Day 742
#Family Time in the ice water
Today my whole family went to the ice water (1,5 degrees C)
Day 760