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Richard Morwood

Got myself a Canon 1000D a few months ago and learnt what the different modes meant. Now I love it and want to learn how to visualise a shot before pointing it and hoping the composition looks inte...
#1 52/365
7 streak
Day 52
Gandalf the Racer
Gandalf asked to get behind the wheel of a McLaren GTR
Day 51
Foam Mountain
Daughter poured milk into my coffee to make Foam Mountain. She’s trying to get the foam on my nose again!
Day 50
Don't get close...
… or its petals will eat you
Day 49
Elephant family
I can’t find where I put my SD card this morning… so iPhone shot it is! I was trying to make the bubble wrap be a blue sky background,...
Day 48
Garden fly
Day 47
Ship in a bottle
This one was fun, I’ll be coming back to try again sometime, try make it more dramatic
Day 46
Day 45
Town Hall
Day 44
Tiger Rose
I have not bought my wife roses for Valentines Day. We have been together for 12 years. Every year I find another fake-rose of some sort. T...
Day 43
Day 42
Cat Bowl
Meow! I hold keys and spare change
Day 41
Red Wattle
The tips of these look like bugs
Day 40
Flowers are pretty
Day 39
Should have bought a Macro lens
I bought a lovely Zoom lens thinking I wanted to get close to things, which I used to do with sport photography. But n...
Day 38
Twirly dress
“Hey Dad! Check out my new dress, it twirls when I dance!”
Day 37
We passed by a bookshop and HAD to go in. So much excitement!
Day 36
Growth in hard places
Day 35
Out for a walk, found a snail shell on the pavement. There’s a slime trail leading to it, now thinking I could have improved this photo by incl...
Day 34
Walking home
Walking home from the train station, these were poking over the walkway
Day 33
So yellow!
Day 32
Brocoli Tooth
Kaylee is getting bigger! My goodness, now I’m starting to understand “They grow up so fast”
Day 31
Melting Cheese
I was taking photos of flowers while waiting for breakfast to get ready. It looked pretty cool and interesting too!
Day 30
We set sail at dawn
One of my girls made a drawing of a sunrise over the ocean. I turned it into a scene before bed. She got a good thrill out of seei...
Day 29
Story time
This morning my daughter was telling me in great detail all the events leading to The Big Twist in her currently book - Whatever After. I l...