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Richard Morwood

Got myself a Canon 1000D a few months ago and learnt what the different modes meant. Now I love it and want to learn how to visualise a shot before pointing it and hoping the composition looks inte...
#1 159/365
114 streak
Day 159
Drum kit this way
“Richard bought this drum kit so that we can play the drums not so that it can just sit there and be a display SO FEEL FREE TO PLAY...
Day 158
Bigger Eyes
There was a cricket inside on the tiles. Figured I'd get a shot of its big eyes. From a technical perspective this is an alright photo, go...
Day 157
Spider Eyes - Take 4
This time I got them!
Day 156
Bigger Eyes
Spider eyes are small. So I found something with bigger eyes!! This one looks like an elephant with its trunk vacuuming the bench top.
Day 155
Spider Eyes take 3
Found an even smaller spider on the letterbox today. This one got the eyes easier because of the contrasty eye-to-body colour.
Day 154
Spider Eyes!
Tried again today to get the eyes. Had Raynox-250 on to get closer. This is on closest focus. Man, how are some people getting better eye...
Day 153
Spider eyes
Day 152
Pretty flower
Day 151
Big Spider
This spiders web was very large. While I do quite like the "front on" shot I've got with it's legs splayed out, I quite like this angle bec...
Day 150
Grandpa Fun Time
My brothers boy, spending time with Grandpa
Day 149
Lenny Pizzeria and Bar
My brother opened his new pizza restaurant last night. I flew up for the opening. I’m ridiculously proud of him! It was by far...
Day 148
Fairy House
I've tried to get this shot for the last few days. Kept missing the sun in the right spot. Timed it right this afternoon... more by fluke...
Day 147
Dragonflies are absolutely awesome and I've wanted to get a photo of one for a long time. Yesterday I got my chance... because this one got...
Day 146
Day 145
Fancy ladies
Much driving today. I caught up with 9 Ferrari’s on a joy ride. It was fun to overtake them in my Kia Cerato hehehe
Day 144
I'm really happy that I now know focus stacking
Day 143
Pollen Foraging
Day 142
Three's a crowd?
All I can think of is smutty titles and descriptions for this one. The two enjoying themselves were trying to push the 3rd one away,...
Day 141
Man these things are so cool!!!
Day 140
Pink flower
This flower stood out in the garden of green
Day 139
Mushroom take 2
This time I wanted to show a size comparison, so included a car wheel in the background
Day 138
Starting Again
18 years ago, I got my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Now my daughter wants to take up the sport. So now we are both white belts!
Day 137
Eating in the Bushes
This morning there were around 40-50 birds in the trees gobbling up the berries. It was fun to see their heads poking through gap...
Day 136
Fluffy the Macaw
At a café today in Alexandria, they had this beautiful and friendly Macaw by the entrance to greet customers