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Marcin Bujacz

#2 258/365
179 streak
Day 623
My phone case cracked recently, and I don't want to buy another one. Let's see how it is to use the phone without any protection.
Day 622
Slalom in the park
Day 621
Missing my watch
I had to send my watch for warranty and now I feel strange without it on my wrist. It's even stranger because I've already managed to...
Day 620
130cm 😲
Skating event in Bydgoszcz and High Jump competition winner
Day 619
Sparrow on the roof
Day 618
Day 617
Day 616
I stopped for a while on my way to work to see how bees are doing their job.
Day 615
Day 614
Telephoto macro
Experimenting with 200mm lens and extension tubes.
Day 613
Tidying up after playing
Day 612
Crazy rims
Day 611
Glowing wheels
Checking out neighboring skating group
Day 610
Last minute
Day 609
Towards the setting sun
#theme-bicycles because I look exactly like on a bike, but to be honest I was skating 😉
Day 608
Slalom in the pard
Day 607
A little break for drawing
Day 606
Kyrtap workshops
I was in charge of documenting workshops with fellow instructor Patryk "Kyrtap". I've got over 3500 photos from 4 hours. Still going...
Day 605
Big lens for a little body
This Jupiter 21M is a real beast. It's hard to hold it with one hand. Still trying to get used to it, not much luck today,...
Day 604
To the moon
Testing the new lens: Jupiter 21M 200mm
Day 603
Behind the selfie
Day 602
(Almost) square flower
Day 601
Day 600
Self portrait on a hard drive