Marcin Bujacz

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Year #2 Progress
Day 493
Enjoying the weather
Enjoying the weather First time skating outside this year.
Day 492
Piece of memory on the shelf
Piece of memory on the shelf Once again streak photo. This time it's the prize from inline skating maraton in Kielce.
Day 491
More jumping
More jumping
Day 490
Power nap
Power nap Sometimes there's only one way to get some energy back
Day 489
Chicken leg
Chicken leg I really want to master this spin. So far it's looking better and better, but still don't good enough to rely on it. At least I could make...
Day 488
Streak spanner
Streak spanner Just another streak photo after coming home late.
Day 487
Lift I don't usually do weight training, but recently I've got something heavy to make some exercises a little bit harder. It payed off, because two d...
Day 486
Bike ride
Bike ride Still too wet and dirty for skating but season is coming, so it's time to train a bit more. Today I did a nice session on the bike.
Day 485
Over the traffic
Over the traffic #theme-city-lines
Day 484
Over the bar
Over the bar
Day 483
Melting snow
Melting snow
Day 482
Battle scars
Battle scars I'm not particularly gentle with my gear and so far I haven't got a problem. This time, however, it was a bit too much for a kit lens on...
Day 481
Winter fence design
Winter fence design #theme-city-lines
Day 480
Slalom session
Slalom session
Day 479
A little bit of sightseeing 😅
A little bit of sightseeing 😅 Today I went on a bike ride to jump start my trainings and while trying new paths I get a bit too far and ended up in Zg...
Day 478
Triangle #theme-glass
Day 477
Reflection Shooting outside the window, I captured more of the inside. #theme-glass
Day 476
Under the blanket
Under the blanket Not feeling well since yesterday, so I spent a day just resting at home trying to recover before tomorrow.
Day 475
100% focused
100% focused
Day 474
Lightning drink
Lightning drink #theme-glass
Day 473
Playing with cones
Playing with cones
Day 472
Let it snow
Let it snow Second attempt at photographing snowflakes. Still not exactly what I was looking for but I'm much happier with the results. Maybe it's tim...
Day 471
Night ride
Night ride Not much traffic on the highway at this time. #theme-traffic
Day 470