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Marcin Bujacz

#3 8/365
294 streak
Day 738
Big and yellow / small and red #theme-fall
Day 737
Big boys with big toys
I don't know if it's a correct technique, but this guy digging around making small mountain around him reminded me of a childre...
Day 736
Day 735
Early fall bloom
Day 734
Day 733
Skating on all fours
Day 732
On the tip of the needle
Day 731
Bike trip
Having a new bike enqourages to ride more, so with a good weather I decided to check out monument of a fallen plane "Łoś". Ended up with ove...
Marcin finished 365 project #2!
Day 730
365 photos once again. Not the perfect project, because of a break, but it's some kind of milestone and it matches the weekly theme. #theme-tookapi...
Day 729
Colorful wall
Day 728
On roller skates
Day 727
Stretching out
Day 726
Violet fries
I found violet potatoes in a shop, so I decided to try making some fries with them. They look strange but taste quite normal.
Day 725
First proper ride
Checking out a new bike
Day 724
Installing SPD pedals
Day 723
I've bought a new bike for training, so I choose full on road bike. It was too late to make an outdoor session, just a logo this time.
Day 722
Berlin panorama
Captured on a medal from the marathon
Day 721
Day 720
Back christie
Day 719
Day 718
Embrace the elements
Newly bought wheels for wet surface proved very useful in Berlin.
Day 717
Storm before the start
Just as we were going to start Berlin Marathon a massive storm went by. Very difficult conditions, but also quite fun skating a...
Day 716
An my way to Berlin
Day 715