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11 photos
Day 383
vases n magic
Two vases, very adapted. It was funny to do this for today. Little bit creativity makes fun! #tuesday #water #sea #fish #moon #colors #s...
Day 51
Urban berry-picking
I Camped out beside the stairs at Sergel Square, waiting for one, isolated subject to walk up or down the stairs, quite a busy Sat...
Day 49
Had a few minutes to shoot before going to work this morning. I like the location, there's probably more and better pictures to be made there...
Day 53
Blue hour, blue train
The newer subway trains might be more comfortable but these old rust-buckets are my favorite to photograph.There is something ti...
Day 59
Good thing I shot a few pretty crappy frames on my way to work this morning. I had this elaborate idea tonight, one that involved building a scen...
Day 44
Very overcast day but nice, even light (though there wasn't a whole lot of it). I took a walk and bought some much needed gloves. I also dug...
Day 47
Red handed
Found this grimy but beautiful door today. I like how her glove matches the red on the door. I'm also fond of how the black rectangular sha...
Day 45
The bluest eyes I ever saw
Portrait of my favorite human being, My girl Åsa. Today she is supposed to be studying but she needed some air so we hopped...
Day 58
Leave a light on
What a rainy, gloomy weekend! Today I took a late afternoon/early evening walk down to the cemetery. Swedish All Hallows Eve is not u...
Day 27
Hello darkness, my old friend
Time to break out the candles. I actually walked home from work today and had pretty decent light to work with but my he...
Day 62
The watcher on the wall
So tired after work today that I fell asleep for a bit after I got home. It was late when I got out, so once again I had to tr...