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Day 365
We Made It
We Made It WARNING! YOU CAN HURT YOUR FINGER SCROLLING THROUGH ALL OF THIS! We made it, Gray! 365 daily photos. It was a wonderful adventure. I met so...
Day 364
Number 1
Nightcall. I took that pic around 4:00am just because I shut down my computer and saw that smog. I didn't think about how it should look like...
Day 363
Number 2
Winter's Web in a Galaxy. A silver medal to one of the newest pics. It's macroed so placing this where it has been taken is almost impossible...
Day 362
Number 3
Drowning. Here's the podium. The bronze medal. Honestly I wanted to capture today's pic a little different but it started to rain so I had to...
Day 361
Number 4
Where is Everybody? I really felt abandoned at that moment. Besides Tom, every friend of mine left me to study. I wanted to recreate that in...
Day 360
Number 5
Quack. Literally nobody besides a few people saw that photo. I still can't understand why. For me, it's my best nature photo. Ohh, and by the...
Day 359
Number 6
Helping Hands. First of all, it's not my pic. Long time ago, there was a happening where Poles were performing CPR to beat a record. I was ta...
Day 358
Number 7
I'm not so proud of today's photo. All I can say I had almost no time to take it and it was windy as hell. :\ Daring to Post - Part I. I'd ne...
Day 357
Number 8
I decided to switch that photo and the next one only because it would have been almost impossible for me to take a photo of that pond tomorro...
Day 356
Number 9
Amateur Hour - Part I. It was the time when I had my creative block. That photo broke it. I came up with an idea, moved my bed, prepared some...
Day 355
Number 10
La Linea. One of the older photos in this ranking. I shot this pic in the exactly same place. I love it for its yellow-and-black contrast an...
Day 354
Closing Time
So - everything ends. So does my first 365 project. I have to think if it's my first and last project... From tomorrow day on, I'll be po...
Day 353
As You See
This is our changing room in a psychiatric ward. Looks like mess and it is a mess. But it's calm in here, at least. Chilling out while list...
Day 352
Almost Parallel
Edited while listening: #afternoon #black-and-white #tuesday #sky #steel #electricity #pow...
Day 351
Look at this horse. This horse is amazing. Edited while listening: #portrait #outdoors #nature #af...
Day 350
Down the Steep
Today I was at the closest ski lift with Tom. Even though, I can't ski - I had lots of fun taking photos out there. I even froze my fee...
Day 349
Written on 4th March Yesterday I, @nytyleq and Mon were baking a cake for Kajetan's birthday. We prepared a couple of chocolate chip cookies, as...
Day 348
Daring to Post - Part III
A streak pic. Nothing to see here. #friday #old #classic #retro #evening #light #dark #lamp #electricity #design #art #darkn...
Day 347
Not Really Empty
Usually, town squares are full of people spending time and having laughs. Not here. It's really hard to meet a group of people there....
Day 346
Moving Ahead
I didn't realize it would be so hard to take that photo. It's the fourth take and still - it's not what I fully wanted. But you have to p...
Day 345
1001 Small Things
Have you seen my yesterday's photo? That painting is on the left side of that shop. Edited while listening:
Day 344
Practical Lady - Always At Your Service
I decided to take a pic of that huge painting on the side of a department store. Soon it'll be covered by a br...
Day 343
That little tomato fell down from a height. Thankfully, it didn't turn into ketchup. Edited while listening:
Day 342
Behind the Clouds
This is another time when Color Efex saves my fat arse. By the way - I've seen a great short movie. If you have spare 10 mins - http...