Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
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Day 942
Pulling weeds
The indoor finishing crew should have started their work two weeks ago. Meanwhile, we started a small war with weeds in our backyard. My...
Day 941
Liquid gold
Served cold. Tastes best after a busy and hot day. #theme-cold-drinks
Day 940
Yellow one.
Day 939
Looong bike
Spent a great day on a bike. No rush, stop here and there, grab something nice to eat and drink. Perfect weekend! #theme-relax
Day 938
By the lake
Chilling out and biking. #theme-relax
Day 937
Looking at such buildings in the very center of my city hurts. Shortly after this pic I've meet good friends. The meeting ended up like it...
Day 936
Orange facade
Hanging out with my wife after work. So many new opportunities when the kids are out!
Day 935
City bike
Going for a meeting with an old friend at the end of an intense day. Inspired by @ianprince's bike pics ;)
Day 934
Tons of glass
What a gloomy day.
Day 933
Which one would you choose? #theme-relax
Day 932
Synchronized stride
Day at home. I almost forgot to take a pic today.
Day 931
Town house
Great evening at the market square with my wife. No kids.
Day 930
Used to be green
Busy Friday.
Day 929
With a clear sky, it's a bit easier to take #theme-negative-space shot.
Day 928
Balconies #3
My attempt to the #theme-negative-space. I hoped that maybe, at the top balcony, someone would go out for a smoke or something - it might...
Day 927
In motion
Yes, we have it! Fully autonomous ride, with a start/stop feature activated.
Day 926
Kids' favorite fountain.
Day 925
Snorkeling boy
It was crowded, but the kids had fun!
Day 924
Although it was raining in the afternoon, we had a great time at the zoo.
Day 923
Hole in the clouds
Last moment to capture daylight.
Day 922
It was a long and busy day, so I missed the daylight for a shot. But found those in the kitchen, sweet and juicy.
Day 921
Except for this woman, the sidewalk was empty, so taking something for the #theme-motion-blur was complicated. And I had no other idea for toda...
Day 920
Checked the spot where I took Today for the #theme-motion-blur.
Day 919
Too big
This guy is too big for this bike - stolen from his younger sister. #theme-motion-blur